The History Of 'The Courtesans'

Eileen Daly It seems like a lifetime ago when I started to think about a solo career in music and entertainment have always loved to see bands and wrote a lot of songs just for myself...I got the taste when I helped my boyfriend at the time Tim Pope with pop video of the eighties, we were working with the likes of Paul weller, soft cell, queen, the list goes the time I was only 16 / 17 and being part of that business (a little part) was a big eye opener, to me it was the start of my world as I know it now, it shaped things to come and I never looked back..I wanted so bad to become someone in that world, that my family could be proud of..I was very young and my schooling was short as I was always bunking off.. sometimes when I bunked off I would hang out at the airport and watch grown ups
  • go and discover the world, something I only dreamed off..this for me is where is all began..Heathrow airport 1975 I was 15 years old and determined to make something of myself....
  • Benjamin Thirkettle
  • I grew up in Gloucestershire in the 1970’s and my musical landscape was rich;my father was an avid jazz fan and my brother and sisters had a never-ending supply of vinyl coming through the doors.The seminal moment for me was listening to ”Next” by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band aged nine and I think instilled in me the idea that you could do exactly what you wanted with music.My other passion was(and still is) metal-detecting and the melancholy of those solitary searches was not unlike the pursuit of musical treasure;always tantalisingly close but elusive.
  • Eileen Daly - Jezabel
  • I had bands before Jezebel, as well as Acting, Modeling, Presenting, Doing voice overs and dancing in a all girl troop, and being apart of a film company called Redemption Films so life was full on, but never sold any records / cd’s so I would say that Jezebel the first band I actually sold my music to the general public, The year was 2000 when I started Jezebel, I went out as a solo artist, it was something I enjoyed doing at the time and it was at the right time in my life to do the project, I would say the music and image was goth pop, I worked with a very talented friend Ralph Cardell who produced the well crafted album, 2003 when we brought the album out, Nigel Wingrove was my manager at the time and co owner of our film company, the label which in came out was Tribble Silence, which was more of a Metal / Hard Core Rock, so my little album was lost in the depths of darkness, as it was a sweet sound, light and airy compared to the other groups on the label, but saying that I am proud that the tracks has been used in lots of feature films, “Cradle of Fear” “Rose” “Mr Crispin” “First Bite” “Hollywood Betrayed” “Witches can be Bitches” DJ / Producers have been remixing the tracks over the years making them there own, not sure if you can still get the album, but you can hear all the tracks on my website, it is of a time, I think it still stand the press of time, but there again I am bias...If you like to download any of the tracks to remix or use in your film.. email me.
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  • Eileen Daly - Courtesans
  • Way back, we are talking 1997 before Jezebel and a solo career, I was going through a magazine called melad marker and I saw an advert for a lead singer, so I decided to apply met up with them in a rehearsal rooms in deptford, really nice young men song were good they were looking to change their look sound and have a make over hence new singer me! So me being me said why not change there name and I came up with “The Courtesans” they loved it...we rehearsed a few times together and while I was rehearing I got a telephone call from a ITV asking if I was doing anything at the time as they would like to use me for a TV show called London nightlife, so I asked them down to film one of our jamming session, that’s was the start of The Courtesans after the program got aired I got a call from the band saying they were really sorry to tell me this, but they were going back with there old singer...One door shuts and another opens and along came Jezebel.....Oh by the way you can still see the show “London Night Life” on my youtube channel then you will find out why they sacked me..hahahahahha 2005 Jezebel I had put to bed for the time being and had a growing desire to form a Rock/Punk/Gipsy as I love all that kind of music, fashion. I had written a few songs for the idea webcam girl and a couple of others demo them, then set out to find my band with song I loved to sing and the band was going to be called Courtesans, it didn’t take me long to find a new neighbour in my street had moved in, not only was he dishy but he alway seemed to be carrying a guitar and we both went to the same coffee house, so it didn’t take long for us to talk about music life and the world, I played him my demo’s, he said why don’t we write a song together and see if we can work with each other, in fact we wrote lots of songs together and by the end of 2005 set out to find our band...Courtesans were alive and gigging our line up was Rupy johnson on Drums, Aneta backing singer, Ben on guitar and Herman on Bass. in 2006 I had my own show for Cable TV station and it was called The Peek a Boo Show and I got my crew to film The courtesans rehearsal down stairs in Ruby Johnson Pub he own in pimlico embankment, you can see the Courtesans on my youtube channel, it was a sweet little band, over the years friends came and went I think we got through 10 drummers in 9 years we always found drummers the hardest to cast every week we would rehearse in putney doing new songs and trying new things..good times. We supported Angie bowie at the 100 club, gig with David Mcclmat, Goblin,.................................sometimes we went out as 3 Eileen Daly and The Courtesans and others time Courtesans, in 2011 I met a girl called Lindsey, Lindsey had seen our band and liked what we were doing, could see that she could help us with managing the internet for us like putting a website together, bringing ideas for marketing we became best of friends as we were both interested in the same things Filming, photos,Fashion, colours, design...we built our studio and ben started to produce all our recording, he started also doing film music, by that time we had turn into a duo so The Courtesans were just Ben and I as we could produce songs in the studio and gig with the backing, as I was getting more and more fed up with trying to find the right drummer and organizing a was just simple with Ben and I, not saying I didn’t love my band and all the friends we had to play along the way, but life was changing again for me as I was writing my own feature films and filming them plus TV shows, doing the band it was too 2012 it was the three muskus Ben, Lindsey and Me..doing pop videos, Feature films, TV Shows and Ben was producing all the music..FUN if you would like to see what we were up to back then please go to But back in 2013 a soft rock band TM our name and claim it for themselves,they like the name and took a way we had done as much as we could with that name behind us and as I said before one door shuts and another one opens, I was getting itchy feet as I didn’t want to hide behind a name any more Courtesans of course it was but of our history as a band for 9 years and that will never go away...I just wanted us to damask and stand naked for who we are “Eileen & Ben” simple, easy with great music, it’s about the music not the name..really looking forward to new songs, movies, Tv shows, Everything!!!!