Band History


Eileen and Ben have been writing music and performing together since 2005. Their first band together was The Courtesans with a gipsy glam rock sound, they wrote and performed under this name for 9 years until 2014. Then they started a baroque pop band called Eileen & Ben, this band was a bridge for them while they were looking for a different sound... something that would inspire a more dirty rock & roll back to basics, plus adding a glam twist on it… That’s when the Chelsea Vampires were born in 2016. With a love of horror movies, vampire and dirty rock & we have kept Eileen & Ben for the nice stuff “radio friendly” and got down and dirty with The chelsea Vampires! Raw Magazine- "What inspires this band Eileen for this particular band?" Eileen - "I would love a mix up with say The Cramps and bit of Stray Cats, Meteors, Eminem and Dolly Parton. I would love to eat all that and sick it up, mashed up and see what we would get, that’s just my thing I am sure Ben’s has other ideas...hahahahahah. What I want is to have fun making the music and then taking in on the road to entertain folks.





Eileen Daly, Is the lead singer/songwriter of the chelsea Vampires She also presents TV shows, writes, produces and directs her own horror comedy feature films and lifestyle TV shows. She is know as an actress who has been in over 6 vampire movies over her career...hence the name The Chelsea Vampires You can also find Eileen’s work:



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Ben Thirkettle, Is the songwriter, music producer and guitarist for the Chelsea Vampires. He also is a music designer for feature films, adverts and in house corporate films. He has always been in a rock & roll bands from the age of 16 and his career in the music business is over 35 years.